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I Live By The Code


I'm a Realtor®. This professional designation comes with many responsibilities, not the least of which is the obligation to abide by the Realtor®s' Code Of Ethics. I also help to hold my Realtor® associates accountable to the Code as a member of the Clark County Association of Realtor®s Professional Standards Committee, which conducts ethics hearings and arbitration in Clark County Washington. Similarly, I hold a Professional Standards committee position with Washington Realtor®s, as well as a seat on the committee on Information Systems. I'm a Washington Realtor®s Director of the Board, and participate regularly with my associates Statewide, to advocate for homeowners and homeownership. 



The Power Of Accountability


Ultimately, the business of real estate comes down to people. Sure, there's always an acquisition or liquidation on the horizon, but my job is to assist my clients' efforts to get there. I'm in the people business. Because I'm accountable to my clients, I pay particular attention to my professional relationships. The individuals with whom I partner for the benefit of my clients, are accountable to me as I am to them.


Years ago, my licenses were hung in the offices of a prominent brokerage in NW Oregon and SW Washington. From this brokerage, many other businesses sprung forth in the guise of customer service. In truth, these ancillary businesses were less about care for clients than they were about diverse revenue streams. People were secondary. The promotion of affiliated businesses was more important than the delivery of attentive service. It was all about the bottom line.


As I gained experience as a Realtor®, I learned how to identify leaders within their respective fields, and began to cultivate relationships providing extraordinary service. Business became personal. Few other relationships in real estate can compare to that of the Realtor® and lender, and yet I'd never truly enjoyed such collaboration toward client satisfaction. Then one day the lender (an affiliate to the previous brokerage) to whom I'd regularly referred new clients decided to exit the industry. It was time to interview lenders in an effort to establish a symbiotic partnership. As luck would have it, I'd just closed a stress-free purchase transaction with a buyer who arrived at my door with a lender relationship of his own.


Eric Stinson, NW Division Manager, Primary Residential Mortgage was my first of many interviews. I'm happy to call him a friend now, as well as my preferred lender of several years.


Consulting with a lender is the first order of business when it comes to purchasing real property, but if you're considering a sale and subsequent purchase, it's even more important. What good is dreaming about the perfect home if you've no idea how well suited your purchase power is to the task? This is where Eric particularly shines. Rather than merely informing our clients of their current ability to purchase, Eric approaches the situation with a holistic mindset; he explores how you may best accomplish your real estate goals respectful of your complete fiscal reality, and then offers education and guidance to help you get there. Even if you suspect that you might have a credit blemish, or your debt/income ratio is a shade on the difficult side, it's worth placing a call to Eric. In many cases, he can offer a loan program to folks beset with challenges.


Like me, Eric isn't about hard sales tactics, preferring instead to allow our clients to drive their own determination. When you're ready to connect, we'll be here. In the meantime, you might want to explore the various financial calculators that Eric's made available. There, a first time homebuyer will be empowered to discover the costs of renting vs. buying, and the benefits of the Mortgage Interest Deduction. Current homeowners can explore debt consolidation and early payoff. Of course, everyone will appreciate the mortgage amortization calculator, but don't forget to add the yearly property tax and insurance (contact me if you need this info), divided by 12 months to arrive at the monthly PITI (Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance).


After we determine your purchasing power, we'll set about identifying your perfect home from the pool of likely candidates, and eventually negotiate mutual acceptance of the terms and conditions of your purchase. When it comes time to perform your professional home inspection, Kirsten Freed of 7th Generation Home Inspectionscan ably serve your needs, enabling your understanding through education, while avoiding unnecessary incendiary remarks upon her report so that negotiations may continue with an absence of animus.


As with all of my professional relationships I neither offer nor accept financial consideration. I establish my relationships for the benefit of my clients. Whether you require the services or a roofer, landscaper, insurance agent, CPA, attorney, or any other specific profession, please feel free to call on my established network of service professionals. I'm happy to assist your efforts.


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